Hyatt Credit Card

The Hyatt Credit Card is a great investment to check into no matter which type of traveler you happen to be. Whether you are only travelling a few times or very many times a year, you will find that the Hyatt Credit Card will be something that will help you out greatly. Because the Hyatt hotel has so many hotels and partners to choose from, when you use your Hyatt Credit Card you will have very many options when it comes to having a place to stay during your travels. They aren't offering any type of bonus points plan with the Hyatt Credit Card but you will be able to get a few other nice benefits that many have found to be a nice replacement of bonus points.

For starters, the biggest attention getter for the Hyatt Credit Card is that they will give you a free two night stay at one of the Hyatt hotels they have around the world. All that you have to do to be able to avail the two night stay is to use your Hyatt Credit Card to make purchases that total a minimum of $1,000 within the first three months of having your Hyatt Credit Card. What's better is if you happen to be one of the Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum members when you apply, you will get two suite upgrades to go along with that.  Then if you are  one of the Diamond members the two nights stay will be available to you already upon your first purchase made with the Hyatt Credit Card. No matter when the two nights stay becomes available for you, you will still have to at least wait until the three month period is over before you are able to actually avail it. As an added bonus gift, every year you get to avail a one night stay at Hyatt just because it's your card anniversary date.

When it comes to the points that are given when you use your Hyatt Credit Card, let us tell you just how the points system works. You are going to earn three points for each dollar that is spent using your Hyatt Credit Card at any Hyatt location. This is a really great thing as it encourages you to make use of your hotel experience while gaining points all at the same time. Let us also let you know that you would be able to use just 5,000 points to redeem an additional night stay for free at Hyatt hotels. There are two points issued for every dollar spent on rental vehicles, airline tickets and restaurants. Lastly, you will get just one point for all other purchases that are part of your everyday life outside of the Hyatt hotel purchases.

The Hyatt Credit Card will be a great asset for you especially if you happen to enjoy staying at their very nice Hyatt suites. Their perks and sign up bonus are definitely worthy of attention from travelers of all kinds. There are a lot of great offers available online for this type of thing. However, the Hyatt Credit Card is at least competitive in that they have a great way to help you accumulate points that can convert into free nights at their Hyatt hotels.